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Abseiling from the top of the tallest building in Western Europe is no ordinary challenge.

HRH The Duke of York KG


I am delighted to be leading The Descent of The Shard. I am also very proud, as the Chairman of The Outward Bound Trust, of the work the Trust undertakes with young people to give them challenge through adventure. The Royal Marines are also close to my heart as a part of the Royal Navy and whilst the work they do in support of our nation is beyond any question; I am delighted to be joining with The Royal Marines and their Charitable Trust Fund to be able to raise not only awareness for the two Charitable organisations we are Descending the Shard for but also in raising the necessary money and support for both organisations to be able to continue our vital work.
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Ffion Hague

Ffion HagueAs Deputy Chairman of The Outward Bound Trust I have seen countless times how our courses change the lives of young people for the better. I am excited and proud to be descending the Shard to raise money so that more young people than ever before can benefit. Please help if you can by sponsoring me.
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Chloe Funnell

descendant-defaultMy name is Chloe, I’m 16 and I attend St Saviours & St Olaves Girls CE School in Southwark. I was lucky to attend an Outward Bound® course in Aberdovey, North Wales where I learnt lots of team building skills and took part in activities that I wouldn't do living in a city. I am very nervous but excited and looking forward to the challenge of abseiling The Shard. I would like to thank Mrs Hague for this fantastic opportunity as she has donated the last nine floors of her abseil.

Lois Aikins

Lois AikinsMy name is Lois Aikins, I'm 16 years old and recently attended Harris Girls Academy East Dulwich in Southwark. Having never abseiled before, I am slightly nervous but extremely excited about abseiling The Shard and I believe it will be a very enriching experience. Therefore, I am very grateful to be given this amazing opportunity.

Simon Allen

Simon AllenWhilst I don't really care for heights and let's face it, The Shard is a monstrous height for most, I'm compelled to take my heart in my hand, if it doesn't escape somewhere further South on the day and JUMP! Why, because that's the least I feel I can do for our Royal Marines, my son included, who give their all for our country and ask nothing in return.
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Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris BoningtonA climbing great, Sir Chris Bonington has earned his iconic reputation during almost 60 years of exploration and leadership in the mountains. In 1975, Chris led the first British expedition to successfully climb Everest and he reached the summit himself in 1985. He was knighted in 1996. Sir Chris Bonington is the non executive chairman of Berghaus, a Trustee of The Outward Bound Trust and Chancellor of Lancaster University. Now in his late 70s, Sir Chris has no intention of hanging up his climbing gear, and continues to explore the world with a great appetite and enthusiasm for adventure.
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Natasha Brook-Walters

Natasha Brook-WaltersMy only other Abseil experience was at the 42 Commando WAGS (wives and girlfriends) weekend in 2011 before my husband and the guys deployed to Afghanistan. Team building Royal Marine style! Over the course of the demanding 7 month operational tour we saw again how brave, adaptable and determined our Marines are and also how equally strong their families have to be. During that period I made a promise that I would do whatever it took to raise as much money as possible for our Royal Marines and their families and as close friends of ours in 40 Commando deploy on HERRICK 17 any day I am even more motivated to fulfill this promise. Thank-you so much to the team behind the Commando Spirit Appeal for providing the platform to do this.
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Nigel Brook-Walters

Nigel Brook-WaltersWe have a deep admiration and respect for all of our service men and women but as a family we have a particular affinity with the Royal Marines. My brother-in-law has recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan with Lima Company, 42 CDO. We have been lucky enough to meet many of these brave men and feel privileged to count some of them as family friends. As a family we our committed to supporting the Royal Marines in anyway possible which of course includes raising much needed funds. Natasha has already been involved with the Commando Spirit Appeal for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund when completing "The Dunker". For this latest event, given the scale of the challenge, I thought I had better keep a close eye on my sister! Descending The Shard on behalf of the Commando Spirit Appeal is one of two events that we are doing in 2012; the other being a fund-raising dinner in the Autumn hosted by elite British sportsmen from the fields of rowing, rugby and boxing all of whom have won Olympic medals, a World Cup or a World Title.
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Nicholas Buckworth

Nicholas BuckworthIt all seemed a little too easy to say "yes" looking out of a comfortable boardroom window at the beautiful Shard taking shape. However, the real achievement has been to make this idea a reality - a wonderful effort from all involved. And now I am very excited! I am facing exactly the sort of test of character and challenge which The Outward Bound Trust offers to the young people who attend our programs. And just like those young people whatever happens on the day will certainly have a lasting effect on me.
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Laura Buxton

laurabuxton thumb2In a moment of madness with little time to consider I have said yes to taking up this once in a lifetime challenge to abseil down The Shard, London’s new iconic building. Being a property lawyer in the capital I am very passionate about architecture and design. The opportunity to raise awareness and sponsorship for our Royal Marines through the Commando Spirit Appeal is such a privilege and I am nervously anticipating the amazing challenge ahead.
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Seraya Bygrave

seraya thumbMy name is Seraya, I'm 16, and recently attended Harris Girls Academy East Dulwich in Southwark. I have never done an abseil before, and am both nervous and very excited to be abseiling down the Shard. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity.
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John Caudwell

John CaudwellI’m wholly committed to many charities but especially children’s charities. My heart lies mostly in the one I founded 12 years ago, Caudwell Children so donating money to The Outward Bound Trust fits naturally within my objectives. Unfortunately, there are no such synergies in the challenge, since I detest heights, but if you are going to get more than 4 or 5ft off the ground, then why not do it in style, off Western Europe’s tallest building! Please blind fold me and push me out!
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Mike Clare

Mike ClareWow…What a unique opportunity…! I am honoured to be participating in this once in a lifetime challenge and hope to raise a substantial amount of money to support The Outward Bound Trust. What a great way to raise funds to help young people who face their own personal and physical challenges every day of their lives… I hope my nerve holds out and it’s not too windy!....This is the stuff of Dreams!
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Mne Luke Darlington

Mne Luke DarlingtonAfter being injured in Afganistan in 2011, the chance came up for a once in a lifetime opportunity to abseil down The Shard, which I wasn't going to turn down. Even though this is going to be an immense personal challenge, its also the opportunity for me to say thank you to the charities that support the Royal Marines, as well as hopefully giving something back along the way.
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Greig Ferguson

Greig FergusonI have previous experience of abseiling with the Royal Marines and it is a true honour to do so once again in order to help raise awareness of the extreme and arduous work carried out by these men on our behalf. Part of our ethos at H1 Healthcare is offering care and support to those in need and this challenge will also provide the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund with much needed funds to provide help to those who have given so much for us. I would like to thank you in advance for any donation you can make towards this very worthwhile cause.
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Rob Gardner

Rob GardnerI have met several serving and former Royal Marines and have been humbled by their courage and understated heroism. I feel privileged to be part of the Commando Spirit team and to help towards the ongoing task of fundraising for the Royal Marines and the Commando Spirit Appeal for their Charitable Trust Fund. Descending The Shard fills me with a heady mix of fear and excitement, and I'm proud to step outside my comfort zone and raise money for this cause. Please support me as I take my leap by donating generously.
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Ian Gowrie-Smith

Ian Gowrie-SmithDescending The Shard is exactly what Outward Bound is about. Going outside your zone of comfort. My view was that if I didn't confront this challenge, how could I ask thousands of children to do the this as a Trustee of this wonderful charity. My passion for what Outward Bound delivers to children came from a year I spent in the mountains at Timbertop in Australia, digging deep and discovering you could do things which seemed impossible, like Descending The Shard!
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Andrew Grant

Andrew GrantI thought my days of abseiling with the Royal Marines were long gone. I was medically discharged due to the injuries I sustained from an IED in Afghanistan and I am now a public speaker as well as logistic support driver for the inspirational Race2Recovery team going for the Dakar Rally in January 2013. As an amputee I am looking forward to showing that there is life beyond injury and to help raise funds for my friends and colleagues.
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Judy Halewood

Judy HalewoodHaving been involved with the Trust for the last few years, I have seen what wonderful work they have done and continue to do. No doubt with this in mind, my brother kindly volunteered me for this abseil, which I have yet to thank him for! At first I was terrified but I am not one to shy away from a challenge. I decided it was an experience I could not pass up and so I made “the leap” and signed up! I have recently undertaken my training, which I thought would calm the nerves. How wrong could I be! The Descent is extremely daunting but I am very much looking forward to 3rd September and I would ask that anyone wishing to sponsor me gives generously. If I make it to the bottom in one piece, it really will be an achievement!
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Lcpl Stephen Hall

Lcpl Stephen HallI was very proud to be asked to abseil down The Shard. Since I was shot through the back of the leg in Afghanistan last september I have been doing a lot of rehab so a challenge like this I am very excited about doing. It is also a chance to give something back and to support the charities that do a lot of good work for the Royal Marines.
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Mark Hatt-Cook OBE

Mark Hatt-Cook OBEMark Hatt-Cook is a Consultant with Wilsons Solicitors LLP, with offices in London, Salisbury and Bristol. He is also Honorary Colonel of Royal Marines Reserve (City of London), and sits on Her Majesty's Commission of Lieutenancy for The City of London.
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Ted Hood

Ted HoodAs the leader of a young company, the concept of building strength, maturity and value through self-challenge is one with which I strongly identify. The Descent of The Shard captures this concept brilliantly, reflecting the unique mission of the Outward Bound Trust. I take great pleasure in harnessing the resources of my organization and its partners in support of this challenge, and hope you will join them in that support.
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Nic Humphries

Nic HumphriesNic is CEO of HgCapital, a leading European private equity firm managing more than £4billion of clients capital. Nic joined in HgCapital 2001 and has over 22 years’ experience of the private equity and venture capital industry. His investment experience has focused on the TMT sector. Nic is also a World Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Nic holds a First Class degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Salford and was an IEEE and National Engineering Council Scholar.
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Sally-Anne Hunter

Sally-Anne HunterAppointed as a member of the fundraising board of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) in 2010, Sally-Anne launched the Commando Spirit Appeal for the Trust, in the same year. She said: “As the founder and director of the Commando Spirit Appeal for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, I would like to thank everyone involved and especially the Sellar Property Group for making the iconic Shard available for this extraordinary fundraising opportunity. Thanks to lead organisers OBT and with the support of the Royal Marines Commandos, our brave band of participants will test their own Commando Spirit qualities of courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity as they raise a landmark sum for both charities. I am honoured to be invited to join them and face my own challenge as I abseil the Shard. My biggest fear? That I bottle it and let the lads down. So I promise to take my bottle in by hand and jump.
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The Lord Kirkham CVO

The Lord Kirkham CVOAs Deputy Patron of Outward Bound with a 20 plus year association with this vitally important and deserving good cause, saying NO to The Shard tower abseil was never an option. A healthy ego combined with a highly competitive nature and hyper vertigo rendered it impossible for me, a mere boy, to decline this credibility boosting challenge. It provides a unique opportunity to scare myself witless (if that is the correct word), take a step towards conquering my mega fear of heights and most important help raise much needed funds for a tremendous and worthy young people’s charity.

Paul Lawrence

Paul LawrenceTaking part in The Descent of The Shard is momentous for Carrier, as Carrier have supplied the building management controls. This is a once in a lifetime challenge for me and I am honoured to be able to participate and raise funds for the Commando Spirit Appeal on behalf of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. We have the opportunity to support our Royal Marines in their hour of need and for me, it's the least we can do. Please help if you can by sponsoring me.
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Nick Leventis

Nick LeventisEven as a racing driver competing in the highest level of endurance motorsport, I cannot even begin to imagine the physical and mental challenges our Royal Marines endure to protect and serve. I am extremely honoured to be a part of The Descent of The Shard, and to fundraise for the Commando Spirit Appeal for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund for their vital work helping our wounded and supporting retired and serving Royal Marines and their dependents.
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Robert Levett

Robert LevettReserved for Robert Levett
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Andrew Littledale

Andrew LittledaleI find myself as one of the descendants of The Shard having ‘volunteered’ to take the place of Tony Fernandes, the founder of AirAsia and my boss, who is unable to take part. I am very much looking forward to the descent though I am sure I will be quite nervous at the top and am not planning to look down until I am near the bottom! It is also a privilege to be taking part in such esteemed company and to raise money for The Outward Bound Trust.
› Sponsor Andrew Littledale

Rob Lucas

Rob LucasThe Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) is dedicated to supporting those Royal Marines and their families facing personal and physical challenges. It is therefore totally appropriate that we should be undertaking achallenge such as The Descent of The Shard in support of the Commando Spirit Appeal on behalf of the RMCTF. As an enthusiastic mountaineer and Partner of CVC where our role is to support management teams to achieve their very best in business, I am delighted to be joining this group and hope we can succeed in raising an amount that will make a real difference.
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Fasha Mahjoor

Fasha MahjoorThe Outward Bound Trust has provided over a million young men and women the opportunity to uncover their true potential through outdoor challenges. In harmony with the philanthropic mission of my own company, Phenomenex, I can think of no greater challenge than to Descend The Shard for such a wonderful organization and an extraordinary cause. So I will muster all the courage I have to take a leap from the 87th floor to raise as much money as possible so we can make a significant impact on the lives of many more young people for years to come. I look forward to your support and genuinely appreciate your sponsorship.
› Sponsor Fasha Mahjoor

Louise Makin

Louise Makin“I don’t “do” heights!” was my first thought on being invited to abseil from the pinnacle of The Shard in aid of The Outward Bound Trust. However, having become a Trustee last year, I have personally seen how the Trust makes a real difference to the lives of young people, so I ignored my fear and said yes! Having now attended the first training session, I realise now that I really don’t do heights, so this will be a huge challenge for me. Nonetheless I am delighted to have the opportunity to make my own contribution to such a worthwhile cause and am grateful for any support you can give by sponsoring me.
› Sponsor Louise Makin

Colin Maund

Colin MaundI have known and worked with the Outward Bound Trust for over 20 years as an attendee, customer and donor. I have seen again and again the huge enrichment of young peoples' lives which the work of the Trust achieves. I am trying to raise money to ensure that more young people have the opportunity to take part in a truly life changing experience the results of which benefit everyone in society.
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Simon Murray

simonmurray thumbA Monday morning on the edge of this iconic building – I think I might not have breakfast beforehand – having lived a lifetime teetering on the “edge” ……at 72 its time to go over……I am thrilled to be involved for the sake of the wonderful Outward Bound Trust.
› Sponsor Simon Murray

Peter Neumark

Peter NeumarkAs a Trustee of The Outward Bound Trust, I have had the pleasure and satisfaction over many years of seeing the life changing effect our work has on the lives of young people from all strata's of society. Therefore, the opportunity to raise funds and enhance the work that we do by doing this abseil was a “no brainer” and that has been the general reaction from the vast majority of the people who I have asked to sponsor me, ie. “you must be a no brainer!”Please be assured that whatever you are able to donate it will contribute to changing young lives, so it's got to be worth jumping out of a window 1000ft in the air hasn't it?
› Sponsor Peter Neumark

Sir Harry Nuttall, Bt

Sir Harry Nuttall, BtI am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to raise funds in support of The Outward Bound Trust and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund in equal measure. The view from the top of The Shard will be extraordinary; the descent something never to be forgotten, and most importantly, the causes themselves will benefit tremendously.
› Sponsor Sir Harry Nuttall, Bt

Richard Oldfield

Richard OldfieldTaking part in The Descent of The Shard is particularly poignant for us because it's built on the site of PwC's former headquarters in Southwark. For over 25 years we've been supporting the development of people and skills in the borough, and it's often been the starting point of our most successful youth support programmes nationwide. The funds we're raising will go far in supporting the work of The Outward Bound Trust building confidence, skills and capabilities in young people.
› Sponsor Richard Oldfield

Jeremy Paxton

Jeremy PaxtonI was very honoured to be invited to take part in this event to raise funds for the Commando Spirit Appeal on behalf of the Royal Marine’s Charitable Trust Fund and it took me less than a second to say “yes”. I am delighted to be able to contribute in some small way to helping our Royal Marines and to recognise what a sterling job they do for our Nation. I hope that I can continue to support the Royal Marines throughout the rest of my life. Plus of course jumping of the top of Europe’s tallest building is great fun!
› Sponsor Jeremy Paxton

George Percy

George PercyUnlike many of my fellow “lunatics” on this page, I have no previous links to this great charity, I have no experience in abseiling, and I’ve never prior to now considered myself mad. However, I know of the great work that this charity does, and I just thought that the challenge of abseiling The Shard was such a great way of expressing support and raising some money for such a great cause. For this reason, I’m thrilled to have been given this opportunity to support The Outward Bound Trust in this bizarre, scary, and yet exciting way. I’m a huge believer in the work that it does, using our country’s great outdoors to give people the courage, independence and belief in their own capabilities in a fun and adventurous way, and I hope that I can do the charity proud!
› Sponsor George Percy

James Perkins

James PerkinsMy passion for architecture has probably got me into this predicament as I have been persuaded into abseiling down the tallest building in Western Europe on the basis of the wonderful view of London. Given that I am extremely scared of heights, the prospect is a daunting one. However I am delighted to be taking part in this challenge in support of the valiant efforts of our Royal Marine’s who bravely face their own challenges defending our country every day. I look forward to your support and would ask you to help me raise funds for the Commando Spirit Appeal on behalf of the Royal Marine’s Charitable Trust Fund.
› Sponsor James Perkins

Charles Philipps

Charles PhilippsEvery time I look at The Shard I wonder how I will be feeling at the top, about to throw myself over the edge. Driving me will be the thought of raising a substantial sum for The Outward Bound Trust whose work is invaluable in today's society. Like many young people who attend an Outward Bound course, there will be no looking back!
› Sponsor Charles Philipps

Bill Roberts

Bill RobertsAs the Chairman of two of North Wales most successful family run businesses, Clogau, the Uks Jewellery Brand of the Year and Safety Media, I’m delighted to be involved in such an exhilarating and unique opportunity to raise funds for such a good cause. Some of the donations will be used for the redevelopment of the Aberdovey centre here in North Wales, from which the very first Outward Bound course took place. The Outward Bound Trust is committed to helping young people realise their potential through activities that simultaneously support their social and emotional well-being. Clogau & Safety Media have been pro-active in the support of many local charitable organisations and this is one of the most deserving.
› Sponsor Bill Roberts

Caroline Sellar

Caroline SellarAs Company Director at Sellar Property I am delighted to have helped facilitate this fantastic event for these two great charities - The Outward Bound Trust, who provide inner city children the chance to experience challenges in the great outdoors and in doing so discover new abilities and gain confidence and belief within themselves. I am thrilled that The Outward Bound Trust will be reaching out to more Southwark children made possible by the funds raised by this event. The RMCT is of course an incredible worthy charity and I am honoured to be able to be part of something to show our appreciation for our armed forces. I hope that a small amount of their heroic bravery rubs off on me and I take up the challenge to abseil - even the bottom part of the abseil is filling me with fear! I would like to thank all the team at Sellar and LBQ Limited, and our Qatari partners for helping make this event a reality.

Rod Turnbull

Rod TurnbullI had the honour and privilege to serve as a Royal Marines Officer for over 10 years and credit the Corps with instilling in me the basic principals and traits I carry today. I am too aware of the sacrifices Royal Marines have made on our behalf and especially since the end of 2001. Having taken so much from the Corps I'm delighted to give back to what I believe are an extraordinary group of people who more than deserve our support. The fundraising is a far more daunting task than the Descent so please help and sponsor me!
› Sponsor Rod Turnbull

Malcolm Walker

Malcolm WalkerI am obviously taking part in The Descent of The Shard because I am completely mad, given that I have a terrible head for heights. But then my company, Iceland Foods, has a great tradition of doing mad things for charity. This has already taken me to the North Col of Everest in 2011 and will see me skiing to the South Pole later this year – if I survive the descent! I truly believe that we should always seize once in a lifetime opportunities to challenge ourselves when they come along – and never more so than when they also allow us to support a great cause like The Outward Bound Trust.
› Sponsor Malcolm Walker

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